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Service & Support Options

As a leading manufacturer of intelligent solid-state storage systems, Solid Data Systems recognizes the importance of ensuring your mission-critical applications maintain peak performance around-the-clock. Solid Data support gives you direct access to experts with broad technical experience and engineering knowledge. With an extensive worldwide support network and a variety of support programs, Solid Data can provide you with the support you need, when you need it.

Standard Warranty

One-Year, Return-To-Factory Warranty

All Solid Data products include a one-year (from date of purchase), return-to-factory warranty. This applies whether the system is purchased directly from Solid Data or from one of our value-added resellers. Labor and parts are included during the one-year warranty period. Customers can also opt to pay for expenses and have work performed on-site.

24-Hour Internet Access

Solid Data's Web site can be accessed 24 hours a day at www.soliddata.com. The site includes a comprehensive service and support section with a variety of informative procedures, guides and diagnostics to download. Service incidents can be opened through this interface.

Standard Parts Delivery

Standard parts delivery is available to all Solid Data customers. Spare parts are stocked at the company's manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, California for shipment during normal business hours. Parts can be sent via a variety of shipping options to suit your needs: customer pick-up; local courier delivery; next day; 2-day; 3-day; or ground.

Service Plans

For customers who would like to upgrade service beyond the standard warranty offerings, three convenient service plans are available.


  • Next business day response, on-site during normal business hours
  • Spare parts delivery to on-site service location
  • Business hour phone support*
  • 24-hour Internet access

In addition to the standard warranty services, Solid Data's Silver Service adds an on-site service feature. This upgrade ensures next business day on-site service during normal business hours.


  • Same day response, on-site service during normal business hours
  • Spare parts delivery to on-site service location
  • Business-hour phone support*
  • 24-hour Internet access

Solid Data's Gold Service includes all the offerings of Silver Service, with the accelerated call back time of Same Day response. On-site service during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, ensures spare parts will be shipped immediately from the closest depot to arrive at your site within hours.


  • 24x7, 4-hour response on-site service
  • Spare parts delivery to on-site service location
  • 24x7 unlimited phone support
  • 24-hour Internet access

Solid Data's Platinum Service includes the highest service levels available to ensure an immediate response for customers with mission-critical environments. Platinum Service includes all the features of Gold Service, but with 24x7 upgrades that ensure a quick response, no matter what time or day. 24x7 unlimited phone support provides phone access to support engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 24x7, 4-hour response on-site service ensures a service technician will be on-site in 4 hours if needed, even during weekends, holidays, or other non-business hours.

Service Plans Matrix

*Business hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Custom Service Plans

We can develop custom service plans to fit your particular business needs. The services listed below can be added to existing service plans or used to create a unique custom plan. Call our technical support group for more information on designing a custom service plan.

Spare Kits

Immediate access to spare parts is necessary for any mission-critical environment. To provide flexibility and convenience for customers, Solid Data offers an optional on-site spares purchase program.

Spare kits may be purchased and stored at the customer site or service provider location. The kits are specific to your model number and include all major parts required for support of Solid Data products. Our comprehensive spare kits include: product installation and support manuals, memory boards, front panels, chassis' (which include power supplies, batteries and controllers) and ESD protection. The kits can be easily replenished by purchasing replacement parts from Solid Data's manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, California.

24x7 Phone Support - Unlimited

Unlimited phone support includes the option to escalate the call if the issue cannot be diagnosed over the phone. A Solid Data service provider will make a service call to the customer's site at no additional labor or expense.

Installation and Training

To help our customers reap the greatest rewards from their Solid Data products, we offer personalized training and installation services. Solid Data's products are designed for simple installation and plug-and-play operation. However, for those who would like additional in-depth product knowledge, we provide training at our facility in Santa Clara, California. On-site installation service is also available. Call our technical support group at 1-800-287-0373 for more information on these services.

Professional Services

Solid Data offers a variety of Professional Services to effectively manage today's complex IT environments. I/O Dynamics™, Solid Data's unique expert software, identifies the most effective data segments for placement on solid-state disk storage and estimates the resulting performance benefits. I/O Test™, another Solid Data software tool, enables performance measuring, reliability testing, and on-line troubleshooting of any SCSI disk service. On-site consulting is also available. Call your Solid Data representative for more information on our Professional Services.

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