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Serving leading agencies and enabling national security

Solid Data Systems and its leading solid-state memory technology play a key role in empowering government agencies and improving national security. Solid-state disk (SSD) technology is found in a number of government and defense-related organizations including the U.S. Department of Defense, Army and Navy, the Nuclear Regulatory Committee, and NASA, as well as in federal, state and local government agencies and major educational and research institutions.

Efficiently scaling while meeting mission-critical requirements

Solid-state storage is a highly valued component of any global digital communications infrastructure and mission-critical transaction-intensive application. Solid Data's solid-state storage systems allow governmental and defense organizations to efficiently scale to meet a rapid rise in real-time transaction volume, as well as speed data capture and query. They enable data access at a speed impossible to meet with traditional disk arrays, all the while ensuring the integrity of sensitive data despite system failure or power loss.

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