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Increasing the value of enterprise application investments

Solid Data has delivered value to enterprise customers over the past decade by speeding popular and business-critical applications such as email messaging, CRM and databases. Solid Data solid-state storage systems are typically one of the most reliable devices in a datacenter, field-tested and customer-proven at 2 million hours MTBF. Our trusted solid-state storage solutions are valued for extending the life of existing systems, enabling applications to meet growing demand requirements and lowering system TCO.

Simplifying datacenter management

Solid-state storage bring tremendous benefits to enterprise systems, yet are as simple to work with as hard-drives. Solid-state storage require no architectural changes to systems. Applications do not need to be modified to use them. No new technologies need to be adopted which means no additional training, specialized management or expertise is needed. Solid Data's solid-state storage systems are an effective way to extend the business value of your IT investment without taking on new IT overhead.

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