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StorageSPIRE Features

Scalable Capacity

500GB to 1TB Array of extremely high-performance storage

Speed and Persistence

Solid Data StorageSPIRE delivers data at extremely high data rates, with access time less than 10 microseconds. To do this, StorageSPIRE stores the data on custom, error correcting memory arrays that incorporate Solid Data's third-generation Zero Latency Transfer (ZLT) architecture. This executes the data-handling processes in hardware state machines, eliminating microprocessor overhead. The ZLT architecture delivers extremely fast response times for transaction, database and messaging applications. At the same time, the high-bandwidth data paths and multiple Fibre Channel connections support resource sharing at high speeds in server clusters and SANs.

Along with its memory-based access speed, StorageSPIRE provides the persistence of disk storage by incorporating a Patented Data Retention System™. Each of the internal SSDs in the array include dual, fully redundant UPS battery back-up systems and an embedded disk drive for data recovery, as well as intelligent backup control logic which prevents unnecessary backups during brief power outages.

Powerful Remote Management

Remote Monitoring and Reporting (RMR) allows richer information and connectivity management by networkenabling the Solid Data StorageSPIRE array and proactively reporting system health via Web interface or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

  • Offers monitoring and control for centralized information and resource management
  • Provides an intuitive interface for managing each Solid Data SSD within the StorageSPIRE array
  • Increases system availability with real-time monitoring of key system functions
  • Enhances manageability of individual or distributed StorageSPIRE arrays
  • Offers interface plus integration with major network management suites via SNMP alerts
  • Improves system serviceability with real-time notifications of potential component errors
  • Enables lights-out operation for co-location and Storage Service Providers (SSPs)
  • Provides out-of-band security allowing data to remain separate and protected

Robust Data Protection and Availability

For the protection of business-critical data, Solid Data StorageSPIRE incorporates multiple levels of data protection, including:

  • On-board hard disk and automatic backup control logic. In the event of a power failure, batteries provide uninterrupted power to the memory arrays. After a prescribed time period, the system moves all data onto the internal disk for indefinite retention. When power is restored, the data is automatically transferred back to the memory arrays and accessible upon transfer completion.
  • Memory arrays with patented on-the-fly error detection and correction.
  • PermaRACK construction in which every active component is modularized. In the rare event that services is required, these active components can be swapped in seconds without de-racking any of the internal SSDs. Backup disk drives, fans, power supplies, and batteries are all hot-swappable while online and operating.
  • Hot-swappable data retention disk drive for quick migration to a standby system. Background diagnostics conducted periodically to verify operational status. The disk drive is also powered down during normal operation for energy savings and reduced operating temperatures.

Easy Installation and Operation

StorageSPIRE provides industry-standard Fibre Channel connections. No special device drives are required. Installation is fast and easy; StorageSPIRE can be implemented as part of a new platform deployment or to increase the transaction performance of an existing system. Migration of high-transaction data sets to StorageSPIRE is straight-forward as there is no need to re-engineer applications or make extensive changes to business processes.

LUN Management

  • Up to 512 LUNs supported
  • LUN Mapping
  • LUN Masking

Error Detection and Correction Code (EDAC)

  • Patented n-bit error logic
  • 64 bytes per 512 bytes dedicated for EDAC
  • Two bit error detection and single bit error correction per 8 bytes of user data

Regulatory Approvals

  • UL and C-UL listed
  • FCC certified
  • VCCI certified
  • VDE/TUV certified

Software Tools

  • Host-resident I/O Test™ software provides performance, reliability, and maintenance information
  • I/O Dynamics™ software packages provide application analysis tools for Unix and Oracle

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