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SD3000 Features

Scalable Capacity

Up to 100 gigabytes (GB) of extremely high-performance storage

High Speed Data Access

The world's fastest access time of less than 10 microseconds provided by:

  • Storing data on SDRAM memory chips
  • Patented Direct Addressing Technology™
  • A patented Zero Latency Transfer™ (ZLT) architecture
  • High-bandwidth data paths and dual Fibre Channel connections ideal for high-speed resource sharing in server clusters and storage networks.

Extensive Monitoring and Management

  • An integrated system executive monitors component removals and insertions, status changes, voltages, fan speeds, enclosure temperature, memory error correction events, and other conditions
  • Powerful, continuous remote management supports lights-out operation
  • Predictive health notification function monitors potentially disruptive conditions and issues alerts before they become problems
  • SNMP traps, e-mail notifications, or password-protected Web browser interfaces can be used for anytime, anywhere viewing of status and alerts
  • Administrators can change configuration settings using a remote management workstation or web browser

Robust Data Protection and Availability

  • A patented Data Retention System™ protects data by moving it to an on-board disk drive in the event of a power failure
  • Includes UPS battery backup and automatic backup control logic
  • Automatically restores data when power is restored
  • Patented on-the-fly error detection and correction minimizes errors
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, batteries, and cooling fans provide continuous availability

Internal Data Retention Disk

  • Data Retention System™ automatically moves data to disk during extended power failures
  • Automatic restore when power resumes
  • Hot-swappable disk is powered down during normal operation for energy savings and reduced operating temperatures
  • Background diagnostics periodically verify operational status of data retention drive

Easy Installation and Operation

  • Easy to deploy as part of a new platform or add to an existing platform
  • Simply connect the SD2000 system, verify operation in a supported configuration, move select hot files on the system, and it is ready to go
  • Solid Data provides software tools and applications expertise to help you target hot files to place on the system
  • No need to re-engineer applications or make extensive changes to business processes
  • Industry-standard Fibre Channel connections are included. No special device drivers required

LUN Management

  • Up to 64 LUNs supported
  • LUN Mapping
  • LUN Masking

Error Detection and Correction Code (EDAC)

  • Patented n-bit error logic
  • 64 bytes per 512 bytes dedicated for EDAC
  • Two bit error detection and single bit error correction per 8 bytes of user data

Regulatory Approvals

  • UL and C-UL listed
  • FCC certified
  • VCCI certified
  • VDE/TUV certified

Software Tools

  • Host-resident I/O Test™ software provides performance, reliability, and maintenance information
  • I/O Dynamics™ software packages provide application analysis tools for Unix and Oracle

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