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The SD2000 is the world's fastest data access solution for Fibre Channel connected servers, clusters and storage area network (SAN) environments. With the ability to transfer data at memory speeds, the SD2000 solid state disk (SSD) system boosts server performance up to 10 times in transactionintensive applications, while enabling more efficient utilization of the customer's server and storage investments.

The SD2000 provides extremely fast, random-access storage for frequently accessed application data such as message queues, transaction logs and database indexes, enabling customers to multiply the throughput of mission-critical application servers. When deployed on a SAN, the SD2000 serves as non-volatile shared storage for the most transaction-intensive applications and as a repository for critical infrastructure data such as file-system metadata and virtual-storage address tables.

In addition to improvements in application throughput and total cost of ownership, the SD2000 system improves the reliability, scalability, and manageability of response-critical data. The system's advanced design provides persistent, nonvolatile data retention and easy configuration with standard device drivers. Designed with internal high-bandwidth data paths and dual Fibre Channel connections with path failover, the SD2000 system supports direct-connect, arbitrated loop and switched fabric mode configurations with up to 17.2GB of high-performance data capacity per 1U enclosure. Scales up to 4 terabytes with additional SSDs.


  • Dual Port Fibre Performance in a 1U Appliance
  • Solid Data Remote Monitor and Reporting
  • Self Contained UPS and Hard Disk Backup
  • 2.1 to 17.2 GB Capacity
  • Same Great Performance as the SD3000 at a Lower Price

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