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Solid Data Announces 30% Price Reduction on DRAM-Based Solid State Disks (SSDs) for the Data Center

Provides High Performance Storage that Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

SANTA CLARA, Calif. June 17, 2008

Solid Data Systems, Inc., the leading global provider of DRAM-based enterprise and carrier-class solid-state disk (SSD) storage systems, today announced reduced pricing of up to 30% on its fibre-based family of trusted solid-state disk systems in response to the continuing decreasing cost of memory. Solid Data remains committed to helping enterprise IT organizations adopt SSDs to improve application performance, reduce management overhead, and lower costs.

"Initiatives that move companies to more energy and operationally efficient data centers abound," said Wade Tuma, CEO of Solid Data Systems, Inc. "Systems based around Solid Data SSDs improve efficiency and reduce energy costs in two ways. First, SSDs use significantly less power than rotating storage or in-memory databases. Second, SSDs improve server utilization, which allows for server consolidation, reduced power consumption and a smaller footprint in the data center."

Solid Data SSDs and StorageSPIRE SSD arrays deploy transparently in the data center and are compatible with current infrastructure, applications, file systems, and storage management software. By storing and retrieving data with a latency of less than 10 microseconds, these appliances are the lowest latency non-volatile, external storage systems in the industry. While more expensive than rotating disks in cost per byte, in appropriate applications such as financial services, on-line retailing, and telecommunications, Solid Data's SSDs lower overall cost per transaction by lowering server, licensing, and maintenance costs. In addition, Solid Data SSDs use less than half the power of conventional disk or in-server memory architectures, making them an environmentally preferable "green" storage solution.

"Enterprise IT organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their storage pool's performance, availability and reliability for critical application architectures," said Mark Hayashida, CTO of Solid Data Systems. "Utilizing Solid Data SSDs in a tiered storage approach can dramatically improve infrastructure efficiencies in these key areas, thereby reducing TCO and IT complexity."

Solid Data's new pricing is available now. For more details, contact Solid Data at +1 (408) 845-5797 or visit www.soliddata.com.

About Solid Data Systems, Inc.

Solid Data Systems, Inc., founded in 1993, is the leading global provider of DRAM-based enterprise and carrier-class solid-state disk storage systems. Solid Data SSD-based architectures increase peak transaction and application performance, use less power, require fewer servers and lower total cost. Solid Data has the largest install base of trusted Fiber channel- and SCSI-connected SSDs with proven MTBFs of up to 2 million hours. Available products include the SD2000, SD3000/SD3000X2, and StorageSPIRE - offering up to 1TB of high performance SSD storage in a single managed array. Solid Data is the only vendor to offer NEBS-certified SSD products for critical telecommunications applications. Solid Data customers are among the world's largest technology resellers, systems integrators, financial services companies, telecommunications providers and government agencies.

Solid Data is a Microsoft Certified Partner, whose products are sold through partnerships with Hewlett Packard, IBM and SUN. The company's 24x7 Service and Support is globally available from major platform and service providers, including Hewlett Packard, IBM and SGI. For more information about the company and its products, please visit www.soliddata.com or contact us at info@soliddata.com or at +1 (408) 845-5797.

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