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Solid Data Partners with IBM for Innovative Solid State Storage Product Development

Collaboration Fosters in New Era of High Availability in Solid State Storage

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — September 28, 2009 —

Solid Data Systems, the leading global provider of enterprise-class solid-state storage solutions, today announced the successful completion of strategic product development with IBM, resulting in the release of the world’s first solid-state storage solution with RAID 5 configurability on a system-wide level.

As an IBM Business Solutions Partner for the past several years, Solid Data has continuously engineered its solid state storage solutions to provide feature rich, performance enhancing, and highly reliable functionality in IBM environments. Utilizing the resources provided by IBM at their Innovation Center located in San Mateo, California allowed Solid Data to streamline the development process and launch its new configuration in record time, without sacrificing product reliability or integrity.

"IBM’s worldwide network of Innovation Centers is here to help partners like Solid Data expand their business," said Larry Garibay, Storage Systems Technical Consultant with IBM's Innovation Center. "The integration of Solid Data's solid-state storage solutions with IBM’s servers was seamless, and we were gratified to provide them with the resources that enabled Solid Data to move from development to product launch."

With the introduction of the world’s first DRAM solid state storage solution with system-level RAID 5 configurability, Solid Data customers now have a lower-cost alternative for increased data security. Prior to this development, mirroring one system to another was the only option for customers who wanted an extra level of data integrity.

"Customers with large data volumes no longer need to double their investment dollars in a reliable, high-performing solid-state storage solution by mirroring the systems," said Steve Topper, CEO for Solid Data. "With our system-level RAID 5 solution, customers can save significant cost while maintaining the critical data security of a redundant architecture. Reliability, knowing their data is safe and always accessible, is the number one concern of any enterprise data center, and on that point, Solid Data delivers."

Solid Data began shipments of its new RAID 5 solution this past summer and continues to see increasing customer adoption in mission–critical environments. Follow on product development is in full swing, and IBM’s Innovation Center for Business Partners will continue to be a key component to the success of those products.

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