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Solid Data Announces New Reseller Partnership with Atec Group to Provide Enterprise-Level Solid State Disk (SSD) Solutions

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — May 6, 2008 —

Solid Data Systems, Inc., the leading global provider of DRAM-based enterprise and carrier-class solid-state disk (SSD) storage systems, today announced a new reseller partnership with Atec Group, the leading business information architecture firm in the Northeastern United States. Based on the complementary expertise between the two companies, Atec's customers will have access to integrated, proven and trusted SSD technology solutions.

For those systems under extremely high transaction load, application response times are greatly enhanced by removing the I/O bottleneck with SSD technology. Solid Data's SSD systems store and retrieve data with a latency of less than 10 microseconds, making these appliances the highest performing low latency non-volatile, external storage systems in the industry - 500 times faster than mechanical disk storage. When application performance drives the success of a business, such as in electronic trading, real-time data processing, and extreme transaction processing, the performance-to-cost ratio becomes more attractive compared to cost of, and management issues associated with, exponential numbers of additional servers.

"Dramatic growth in high-volume, high-transaction applications, especially in the financial markets, has created a demand for the type of cutting-edge technology available only with SSD-enhanced architecture," said Wade Tuma, CEO of Solid Data Systems. "Atec Group understands and recognizes the use of SSDs as the most optimal solution for many of their customers, and we are pleased to be partnering with them."

"At Atec, we take great pride in staying ahead of current trends and technologies," said Tony Rametra, CEO of Atec Group. "Our experts do the research to find the most technologically advanced and effective solutions, so we can design the correct solutions for our customers and seamlessly integrate these solutions into their existing infrastructure. Solid Data SSD technology is a perfect example of a powerful solution that is easy to implement and manage, yet efficiently improves the processes most critical to our customers' business operations."

All Solid Data SSD systems are designed with high-bandwidth data paths and multiple Fibre Channel connections with path fail over. Other high-availability features include patented error detection and correction (EDAC), and Solid Data's Remote Monitoring and Reporting (RMR™) feature. RMR supports SNMP for traps and monitoring with packages such as CA Unicenter, HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli. RMR also supports a password-protected Web browser interface for anytime, anywhere remote monitoring and diagnostics.

"The SD3000 and SD3000X2 systems also include the PermaRACK™ feature which allows for modular upgrades or replacement of 100% of all active components and subassemblies without de-racking or tools," said Mark Hayashida, CTO of Solid Data Systems. "With the expertise of the Atec consulting group, the result is not only significantly improved performance at a lower cost per transaction for customers; together we are bringing the customer proven reliability and peace of mind."

About Atec Group

Atec Group is the Northeast's leading Business Information Architecture firm with over 20 years of experience, knowledge and expertise to partner with businesses and provide the most technologically advanced IT solutions available on the market today. Atec has the ability to incorporate leading technology into existing infrastructures. Atec provide consulting, design, procurement, implementation and ongoing support services for companies utilizing technology. Atec's depth and specialized knowledge allows them to understand individual problems and integrate the optimal solution. For more information, visit www.atecgroup.com.

About Solid Data Systems, Inc.

Solid Data Systems, Inc., founded in 1993, is the leading global provider of DRAM-based enterprise and carrier-class solid-state disk storage systems. Solid Data SSD-based architectures increase peak transaction and application performance, use less power, require fewer servers and lower total cost. Solid Data has the largest install base of trusted Fiber channel- and SCSI-connected SSDs with proven MTBFs of up to 2 million hours. Available products include the SD2000, SD3000/SD3000X2, and StorageSPIRE - offering up to 1TB of high performance SSD storage in a single managed array. Solid Data is the only vendor to offer NEBS-certified SSD products for critical telecommunications applications. Solid Data customers are among the world's largest technology resellers, systems integrators, financial services companies, telecommunications providers and government agencies.

Solid Data is a Microsoft Certified Partner, whose products are sold through partnerships with Hewlett Packard, IBM and SUN. The company's 24x7 Service and Support is globally available from major platform and service providers, including Hewlett Packard, IBM and SGI. For more information about the company and its products, please visit www.soliddata.com or contact us at info@soliddata.com or at +1 (408) 845-5797.

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