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Who is Solid Data?

Founded in 1993, Solid Data Systems is the leading global provider of solid-state storage systems. Solid Data holds core patents in solid-state disk (SSD) technology and developed the first non-volatile solid-state disks. Solid Data's durable and time-tested SSD technology lowers the cost and increases the uptime of transaction-oriented databases. Solid Data has over 3,700 systems installed worldwide, and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

What Do We Do?

Solid Data Systems offers a broad range of memory-based, solid-state storage systems that improve the performance and resiliency of mission-critical applications. Solid Data products address the demands of high-volume transactions and messaging brought about by the growth of the Internet, global communications networks and e-business. Solid Data offers the only solid-state storage systems that exceed the stringent NEBS level 3 environmental standard for Central Office Equipment. Solid Data products serve the needs of Telecommunications, Financial Services, Government and Enterprise clients. When integrated into solutions built on general-purpose platforms, Solid Data solid-state storage systems accelerate application performance, lower costs, reduce database tuning and create simpler, more reliable and more scalable solutions.

Why Choose Solid Data?

Solid Data Systems has over a decade of leadership experience, and has delivered the leading solid-state storage systems that improve application performance, reduce system complexity and lower cost of ownership. Our broad line of products include:

  • Model SD3000 for high performance SAN or Fibre Channel applications
  • Model 800N NEBS compliant SSD for demanding Central Office environments and -48 volt applications
  • StorageSPIRE for up to a Terabyte of high-speed, non-volatile storage

Who Do We Serve?

Solid Data Systems enables Telecommunications, Financial Services, Government and Enterprise organizations to manage transaction and user growth while meeting customer expectations and ensuring data integrity. Solid Data works with resellers, integrators and direct customers, and has an account base that spans the Americas, Europe and Asia.

How Do Our Products Work?

Solid Data solid-state storage systems improve application performance by providing instant access to heavily used data by eliminating the mechanical delays (latency) of conventional rotating disks. Self-contained, redundant, uninterruptible power systems and patented high-speed backup technologies guarantee data retention under all conditions. Our compact, rack-mount systems combine the speed of main memory with the persistence of external disk storage. Solid Data solid-state storage systems reduce cost of ownership by allowing companies to reduce the number of servers along with the costly administration required to maintain them.

Technology Highlights

  • Unparalleled Transaction Performance - Solid Data solid-state storage systems deliver higher transaction throughput than conventional or competitive alternatives, using our patented Zero-Latency Transfer™ technology to eliminate I/O bottlenecks, reduce server response time and increase the overall stability of applications, while also enhancing server performance and optimizing server efficiency.
  • Reduced Complexity - Our systems enable enterprises to eliminate architectural complexities and time-consuming methodologies traditionally used to compensate for mechanical disk latency - such as multiple servers, partitioned workloads, load balancing, and database tuning. Our systems also enhance scalability, making it possible to add transaction capacity incrementally, with less need for server and network resource addition.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership - Higher performance and reduced complexity enable our customers to deploy streamlined systems at a lower up-front investment and with reduced operating costs over the life of the system.

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